e-liquid filling machine

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e-liquid filling machine
2.Power consumption: 1.2KW,380V 50HZ
3.Weight: 500kg


e-liquid filling machine



the machine a three-in-one full–automatic filler integrating in filling and cork plugging, lid-revolving, using atmospheric timing filling and single-head intermission positioning lid-revolving, it suits for the dividing filling and sealing of all kinds of bottle shape for the daily chemicals, foodstuff, pharmacy, chemical industry and pesticide. It has PLC program control, filling speed fast, operation simple and convenient, measurement accurate, and high acceptance rate of lid-revolving, long use lifespan



1.This machine is available for series of round and flat bottles.

2.It adopts ceramic piston measuring pump to filling, suitable liquid with and without certain viscosity, diving filling model to prevent emerging foam.

3.pneumatic capping, and rising-and-falling screwing. The machine enjoys advantages of accurate measurement, stable screwing and easy operation, widely used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industry, meet the GMP.

4. can add filling heads accord to customer’s capacity requirements.

Automatically unscramber corks, plug cork, and automatically unscramber caps, screw caps.


1.All elements is well know brand. Direct viewing operation, no bottle no filling, measuring accurate, no bottle no capping.

2.Cap adding device, ensure pipe of cap into mouth of bottle easy even it’s long or crooked.


Main Technical Parameters.

Filling Volume 10-100ml

Productivity 40-55bots/min

Filling Precision ≤±1%

Plugging ratio 380V/220/50Hz/60HZ

Air Supply ≥98%

Power Supply 1.5m3/h 0.4-0.7 Mpa

Power 1.5 kw

Weight 500 kg

Dimension 2200*1800*1600mm

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