automatic bactericide bottle filler

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Product Description


automatic bactericide bottle filler
1.bottle volume.20ml-1000ml
3.liquid with and without viscosit


automatic bactericide bottle filler

1.bottle feeding table.

2.GLY 12 automatic bactericide filler with 12 filling heads.

3.capping heads

4.round bottle labeling machine

5.Packing table.

6.The whole line is connected by conveying belt.


GLY-12 bactericide filling machine

1.Control system - with Mitsubishi PLC control system, filling dose of random fine-tuning.

2.Operation Interface - 6-inch color touch-style user interface, intuitive and simple, safe and reliable

3. Feature Enhancements - Cutting with anti-drip device, can dive filling materials with functional properties. (This feature can be optional)

4. Electrical components - are used internationally renowned brands, ensuring that equipment reliability, high accuracy;

5. Machine parts are of high quality 304 stainless steel.


After sale services


1.One year warranty, technical supports the whole life.

2.Installation,If buyer need, we can send technical people to buyer’s

company to install the machine, while buyer should pay the

cost (such as ticket and accommodation).

You can also send your workers to my company to study how to use the machine.

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