Newly launched aluminum can bubble drink canning line

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Product Description

 Aluminum/Tin Cans Sealing Machine,Can Closing Machine

1. The can fill equipment consists of automatic   pressure filling machine, automatic capping machine and conveying system

2. The whole line is straight and separate line.It apply to aluminum can Pressure filling.

3. The machine is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel.

4. It is ideal selection for beverage factory due to its reasonable configuration, security of operation, dependability of running and its so convenient maintenance.


 Aluminum/Tin Cans Sealing Machine,Can Closing Machine

1. The machine is mainly used to  fill the carbonated drink like coca cola, fenda,

 and so on to aluminum cans, then seal the cans for market selling.

2. This can filling line is suitable same can diameter but different can height.With different can

diameter, the filling line should be set with extra can change parts to share one filling line.


 Aluminum/Tin Cans Sealing Machine,Can Closing Machine
--Can rinsing tunnel






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