Automatic Rotary Labeling Machine

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Product Description

T01 automatic labeler applies to label  on back and front of the  cylindrical containers , such as wine and other products. The aircraft is simplely operated,has  a separate label-rolling part, labeling is  of good quality. Because the replacement of bottles and labels is simple, so it is suitable for different production lines . The aircraft is after years of research and development  by us,have own intellectual property rights, with a number of patents.

Diameter of container :60-85mm

Material of label :paper

Speed of labeling :2,000bottle/hour , speed regulation by frequency variation

Glue : Water-soluble glue

Glue coating ways : along label length directions , every 5 mm, there is a glue road.

Power situation :  three phase ,380V

power :  0.75kw

Air resource:  0.4Mpa   30L/Min

Size of the machine:  2000mm×1000mm×1300mm

Weight :700kg

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