• automatic teeth cleaner filling machine
  • automatic teeth cleaner filling machine
  • automatic teeth cleaner filling machine

automatic teeth cleaner filling machine

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Product Description


automatic teeth cleaner filling machine
1.Bottle volume 100ml to 1000ml bottle
2.liquid without viscous
3.various bottle shap


automatic teeth cleaner filling machine


Suits for none-viscous liquid


1.diving filling way

2.pneumatic filling valve

3.no bottle, no fill,

4.during filling, no drop, no drool.

detailed introduction

  • The machine is a newly-designed liquid filler controlled by a micro computer PLC program, which integrates the machinery, photo electricity and pneumatic as a whole,
  • using fixed sprue parameter, time-controlling measurement and the atmospheric pneumatic filling ways, and equips with the descending device,
  • it can remove the generation of the foam, especially suits for the filling of foamy liquid such as soy sauce, vinegar and seasoning.
  • The equipment designed the hood, seal and environment protection, suits for the liquid filling for soy sauce, vinegar, vegetable oil, foodstuff, medicine.

    1 Using fixed sprue parameter to control the filling time realizing the filling of the different measurements.


    2 The precision time of the pneumatic valve filling may set to 0.01 second, can make the measurement precision control within ±1%, to decrease unnecessary material loss and enhance the economic efficiency.


    3 Each filling-head’s measurement may be individually adjusted to realize the same filling measurement.


    4 The machine set such function: having counting program of bottle-feeding, doesn’t fill as there is not bottle or the counting doesn’t attain a predetermined position, can start filling only when the counter records that the bottle number is same as the setting filling number.
    5 More or less of the filling volume, may initially adjust to the needed filling volume, then micro adjust, can get the ideal filling measurement precision.

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