ZHT-II-5L Fully automatic extrusion blow moulding machine(Double station)

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Product Description

Max Product Volume (L) 5
Dry cycle (pc/h) 700×2
Screw Diameter (mm) 60、70、80
Screw L/D ratio (L/D) 22~30
Screw drive power (KW) 18.5~22~30
Screw heating capacity (KW)


No.of heating zone (ZONE) 3~4
Output of HDPE (kg/h) 65~80
Output of PVC (kg/h) 70~85
Oil pump drive power (KW) 7.5
Clamping force (KN) 60
Platen distance (mm) 148~508
Max.Size of Mold (W×H)(mm) 370×390
Capacity (L)  
Max.Die diameter (mm) 145
Die heat capacity (KW) 2.5
No.of heating zone (ZONE) 3
Central distance of bi-die (mm) 160
Max.Die diameter(Bi-head) (mm) 80
No.of heating zone (ZONE) 3
Heating capacity (KW) 2.88
Blowing pressure (Mpa) 0.6
Air volume (M3/MIN) 0.4
Cooling water pressure (Mpa) 0.2~0.3
Water consumption (L/MIN) 60
Size of machine (L×W×H)(m) 3.43×2.1×2.58
Weight of machine (TON) 7.8


1、Electrical control system:The machine works under the PLC control(made by the Mitsubishi Co. of Japan) via a man-and-machine interface(displayed in Chinese version or in English version).The machine is equipped with a modularized temperature controller and operated through a touch-type coloure screen.All the production data can be set up,modified,searched and monitored and the machine trouble diagnosis can be completed both on the touch-type screen.The electric elements work on the non-contact working principle,thus being durable in service life.

2、Hydraulic system:The machine works under the proportional pressure control. The machine is equipped with hydraulic valves and hydraulic pumps imported from world-famous companies,thus assuring consistent and reliable working performance.

3、Plasticizing system:The high performance screw used on the machine assures thorough and homogeneous plasticization and mixing of plastics.

4、Speed regulation system:Frequency-converter-controlled speed regulator + speed change gearbox with hardened alloy steel gears.Speed regulation can be completed smoothly with less noise generated.Therefore the machine is durable in service life.

5、Mould opening,closing & moving system:A big 3-point central beam mechanism for opening & closing the mould halves and locking the mould assures balanced distribution of locking force and is free of any deformation after long-time operation.The mould is horizontally moved on linear spherical ball guideways at high traveling accuracy and rapid speed and with less resistance.

6、Air-bolowing needle bracket:The air-blowing needle bracket is of solid L-square design.The sturdy bracket assures smoothness of the product cut.

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