• automatic linear bottle screw capper
  • automatic linear bottle screw capper

automatic linear bottle screw capper

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Product Description

automatic linear bottle screw capper
1.1000-6000bph capping speed adjustable
2.for glass, plastic bottle,metal tin can,et


automatic linear bottle screw capper



can connected with filling machine and labeling machine to make one line.





1.fully automatic bottle capper is a new type cap screw machine .


2. Machine externality is beautiful and smart.; Speed is high; eligibility ratio is high; it is widely used in different bottle shape cap for food, medicine, chemistry, pesticide, and cosmetic industry and so on.


3. Four speed adjustment electric machine used in cover supplying, bottle nipping, transportation, and capping separately.


4. Robotization degree is high; Stability is good; Adjustment is easy. It could only need to adjust the machine, instead of replacing part when change bottle shape and cover. It could operate automatically with cover machine.


Technological parameters


1.Current supply:AC220V;50HZ(or according to client voltage requirement)



3.Production speed:0-6000bottle/hour


4.Container mouth Size Range: Diameter: 40mm-100mm


5.Suitble Cap size range: Diameter: 20mm-50mm


6.Machine Weight:650kg


7.Machine Dimension (L×W×H);2000mm×850mm×2050mm


After sale services

One year warranty, technical supports the whole life.


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