• overwrapping machine---with auto tray feeding
  • overwrapping machine---with auto tray feeding
  • overwrapping machine---with auto tray feeding

overwrapping machine---with auto tray feeding

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Product Description

LONGWAY Overwrapping machine
1.capacity is 45bag per minute
2. auto film cut and sealing,
3.layer auto feeding


overwrapping machine



bottling beverage(pure water ,mineral water, carbonated beverage, juice) combination package

capacity is 45bag per minute


technical parameter

facility overall size is L11850*1215*2150H mm

shrinkage film material is PE PVC POF

shrink membrane thickness is 80~90um

per minute max capacity is 45 bag (can limitless speed adjust)

power supply max load relied is heating case 48kw/220v(while temperature power is 48KW,

working temperature keeping section power is 24kw) mechanism part power is 10KW)

machine usage compressor air pressure is 0.4~0.7Mpa

max gas consumption quantity is 0.25NM3/min

conveyor belt max width is 600mm,height is 1120~1185(mm)(can adjust)

pressure requirement is 380/220V

facility weight is 5150kg


product description

appearance concision,beauty,fracture novel,unique,convenient to maintain

big screen, manipulation interface LCD Chinese and English display

pneumatic expand support membrane roller, membrane change is quick, membrane change

just need two minute

membrane tension transport, even and plat, film cutting controlling is precision, cut is tidy;

super servo controlling technology can keep each fracture precision in-phase, transmission is

reliablyheating case fracture is reasonable,heat insulation and warm keeping,temperature controlling

precision is highlymatch Austria B&R,German P+F,German Festo,Italy Motuoliao ect international most advanced controlling component, device is fine, working condition is steadily.

mechanism drive part adopt to heating treatment stainless steel or medium carbon steel ect

material; surface spray coating quality is fine; whole machine anti-rust character is very highly

while all the electricity,pneumatic controlling accord with latest international applied

criterion (CE criterion)

while electricity cut, set manpower rotary conveyor belt device, easy to move heating tunnel

inside product outside

wooden case and wrap membrane separately package



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