Accumulation Conveyor for beverage industry

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1 pc

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Product Description


Accumulation conveyor
1.Adjustable Height
2.Optional Height
3.Delivery within 29 days


Accumulation conveyor system

Accumulation conveyor system includes drive unit, tension unit,dragging chain , guide bar, driving & turnabout chain wheel, framework and rail. All forms can be customized


Display screens assembly line


Applied in industries of home appliances, machinery and metallurgy, it often acts as a mechanized or automatic assembly line.



Assembly line with lights


Endless cooling conveyor


Car structures differ in specific treatment requirement and purpose. Dragged by chains, the cars circle on the guide rail in a continuous or timed pace. The running speed is usually 3-6m/min.


Accumulation cooling lines


Conveyor size


Slat Width



10-40m/min optional

Load Capacity


Working Temperature(STEEL SLAT

-20-100 COMMON

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