automatic pesticide filling machine

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automatic pesticide filling machine
1.100ml-5000ml bottle can be filled in one machine
2.whole line speed 1200b/h-6000b/h.


automatic pesticide filling machine

whole production line include equipments as below.



1. Rotating Bottle-feeding Machine

The machine adopts speed-adjusted for rotary motion, make

empty bottles according to sequence intoconveyor. It is the ideal

substitute equipment operation manual.

2.Automatic In-line Filling Machine

  • .Suits for none-viscous liquid
  • Applicable to small scale production enterprise.
  • Economic and practical filling machine.

3. FXZ-6(capping-line) Full Automatic Capping Machine

The machine is designed on the basis of the diversity of the

capping requirements home and abroad Simple structure It is

an economic and practical capping equipment.

4. TBJ-200 Self-adhesive Labeling Machine

Technical performance

  • suits for round bottle non-drying adhesive labeling
  • Possessing memory function
  • Simple adjusting can perfectly realize the labeling of circle and semi-circle round bottle etc

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