drum filling machine

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drum filling machine
1.filling volume.20L-50L
2.6 filling heads
3.SUS304 frame


drum filling machine


1.with six filling heads, capacity can reach 1000bottles per hour

2.diving filling way. firstly with quick speed filling, then slowly.


1.The filling process is under control of PLC. All operations complete on the touching screen.

2. high efficiency,good adaptability,changing the measuring specification in minutes(no need to change any components,just adjust ),eco-friendly outer frame,filling without drop and leak.It is the most ideallest for filling big bottle with high filling speed.



Performance advantages

1. Mitsubishi PLC control system, random adjust filling measurement

2.Colour touching screen,easy-operated , stable and reliable

3. The feeding nozzle is equipped with filling blocker. This machine can

realize diving filling according to the material properties.

4.Automatic alarming

5.Adopting international famous brand electric equipments.

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