2or 3 pieces can filling machine Can Intergrative Filler and Capper

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t is designed according to the actual situation of domestic canning plant and the most advanced congeneric technology of filler and capper in Switzerland. It is the new generation combined machine. It is pneumatic control and automatic capping. Frequency conversion timing controls the output. The equal liquid level technology controls the filling. In order to make the appearance more clear and beautiful, it is made of the stainless steel( ≥95%). To enhance vacuum degree, we can equip steam-jet device as the clients’ request. It is equipped long-distance computer control system to sustain the customers completely. It is the preferred equipment of the canning and drinks enterprise.
The number of capping head 4
The number of filling head 12
Production capacity 80~170 cans/min
Can Height 39~160mm
Can Diameter φ52.5~105mm
Power 4kw
Weight 3200kg





we also offer  filler and capper with carbonated drink and other related machine ,the capacity from 2000can per hour to 20000 can/hour

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