•  water softer Sodium Ion Exchanger
  •  water softer Sodium Ion Exchanger

water softer Sodium Ion Exchanger

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SNJ series sodium ion exchanger is one of the main equipment which is used in the water treatment of drink water. It is mainly used to soften the water.
Ion exchange technology in the field of water treatment in a wide range of applications. If water softening, water desalination, highly pure water preparation, but also for the Food and Drug Decolorization purification, heavy metals, chemical raw materials for recycling. Ion - exchange devices are yin and yang bed, mixed bed, and three varieties of renewable bed, bed-Yam bed countercurrent regeneration using advanced technology, mixed with bed-and-resin regeneration within the relocation of renewable technology, renewable bed is designed for Yam the shift from renewable resin mixed bed configuration of the operation. Also produced various other types of ion exchange equipment.
The production capacity of the machine is from 2T/h to 12T/h.

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