• self-adhesive labelling machine
  • self-adhesive labelling machine
  • self-adhesive labelling machine

self-adhesive labelling machine

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Product Description

Self-adhesive labeling machine

The TBJ-120 is applicable for attaching label on round bottles in pharmacy. Food, drinks, daily chemical necessities, and chemical industry and so on .It adopts the rolling style to attach labels. It is equipped with auto-delivering and auto-collecting installation, so it can accomplish the procedure of bottle-setting, label-attaching and bottle-collecting at one time. It can be also equipped with lettering machine, so it can finish the label-printing synchronically. The machine is controlled by computer optical fiber, so it can make synchronical track. The label-output is controlled by mutual walking electric machinery, ensuing the output speed in pace with the bottle-collecting speed.

The machine also has the function that it will attach label when there is a bottle ,it will not attach label when there is not a bottle.

Main technical parameters :

1,labeling speed:<120 bottles per hour

2,label height:25-160 mm

3, Bottle size:¢50-150

4,convey belt speed:0-20m

5,Overall dimension:2000×700×1300mm

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