potato slicing machine

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Product Description

The machine is a product newly researched and developed in recent years. It is applicable to slicing materials such as garlic segment, onion ring, ginger, potato and yam root materials in food industry, vegetable processingindustry and catering industry. It has such features as automatic orientation, neat slices, even thickness, good surface fineness, simple structure and convenient use and maintenance etc.

1. Blade disc diameter: 500MM         
2. Quantity of blades installed:
3 pieces, completely made of stainless steel
3. Motor: Y90s-6   0.75kw                    
4. Output: 300-1000kg/h              
5. Slice thickness: 1.5-6mm
6. Outline dimensions: 1000*700*1050mm                                                 
7. Weight: 80kg
8. Material inlet: height 1030   inlet area 750*600         
9. Material outlet: height 370   outlet area 400*140

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