car oil drum filling machine

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car oil drum filling machine car oil drum filling machine for oil and agrochemicals liquid packing.
from 5-30kg


car oil drum filling machine



The  weighing pneumatic filler, its principle is that weighing transduction platform set controlled volume under the control of the microcomputer program. As filling, at first remove the tare. When the materials are injected into vessel, at first quickly feed material at a large controlled volume, and then slowly modify the controlled volume at a small controlled volume. The operational person only need place the vessel on the platform, aim the vessel’s mouth at he material-falling mouth, in the moment, the program is started, the material-falling mouth downs, open the filling valve to feed material, when it reaches to the setting volume, automatically stop the material-replenishing, the material-feeding mouth ups, finished a filling process.

1. Technological parameters

   1.1 Filling range      5-30kg

   1.2 Measurement precision     0.2%

   1.3 Filling speed     20-100kegs/hour

   1.4 Working air pressure     5-7kg/cm²

   1.5 Net weight    450kg

   1.6 Contour Sizes    1200×800×2000mm

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