Plastic Cup Jelly Filling and Sealing Machine

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Product Description

This machine is suitable for filling and sealing the small jelly cup.


1. This machine is suitable for filling and sealing the small jelly cup.  jelly packing machine, jelly packaging machine 

2. Electric and pneumatic combined driving are used, resulting in stable driving in order to sae man power and reduce cost. Supply of container, filling, sealing, triming, output of products and take -up of waste are fully automatic.

3. High efficiency, many containers can be filled, sealed, and trimmed at the same time in the machine.

4. Revision device of photoelectric sensors are installed in the machine to auto revise the positive of sealing film through detection of color mark, assuring the accurate position of the sealing pattern.

5. Twice hot sealing device, tight sealing, and absolutely reliable quality.

6. Can mix various periods of typers peat transfer imprinter auordiny to customer's demurd.

7. Various kinds of type two colors and three colors sealing mudiru, adopt the fored coding yrouping ration to fill push the cup auto matically vecuecm, the mucline cupelicity steadily, the stapility quality of the output is reliable, it is the pioneer of the same trade products.

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