concentrating boiler ,sauce concentrate machine

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Product Description

The equipment is a single-effect clearance type vacuum concentrating device, which is composed of vessel, coil tube heater, separator, hydraulic injector, operation platform and multistage pump etc. It is applicable to vacuum concentration of heat sensitive materials (such as fruit juice, vegetable juice and liquid medicine etc. flowing materials) under low temperature.It has such features as small volume, simple structure, convenient operation, cleaning and maintenance. Parts that contact materials are made of SUS304 stainless steel.

○ Evaporating temperature  50~55oC;       ○ Steam pressure ≤0.15MPa;
○ Type: coil tube type                      ○ Vacuum degree: -0.083~0.0906MPa;

Technical parameters

Model Evaporation  Circulating water consumption Steam consumption Total capacity installed  Heat exchange  Outline dimensions (m)
 PNS-300  300L/h  11.6m3/h  350kg/h  5.5KW  3.17m2  3.0×2.8×3.2
 PNS-700  700L/h  19.3m3/h  800kg/h  11KW  6.7m2  3.5×3.1×4.1
 PNS-1000  1000L/h  39m3/h  1130kg/h  11KW  9.5m2  3.6×3.4×4.5

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