Continuous spraying sterilizer

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Product Description

Continuous spraying sterilizer is designed and made on the basis of absorbing and
digesting abroad machine. It adopts warm water to preheat, sterilize with recycling
hot water, recycling warm water to pre-cool, and cooling water to cool; it is with the
advantages of sterilizing temperature automatic control, and adjustable sterilizing
time;and can be widely used in sterilizing and cooling of juice and beverage in
various bottles and cans, electrolyte beverage, wine and condiments. It can be
designed and made to the sterlization conditions and production provided by the

Technical parameters

 Name   PLS-1000 PLS-2000  PLS-3000  PLS-5000
The hingest sterilizing temperature  100
 The width of sterilization transferring belt  1500mm
Transferring belt speed  110-553mm
 Heating steam pressure  0.4Mpa
 Length of sterilization step(mm)  9000  16000  22000  320000
 Length of pre Cooling step(mm)  1200  16000  1800  2200
 Length of cooling step(mm)  3000  5000  8000  10000
 Heating recycling water volume(m3)  21  25  35  50
Power(kw)  9.6  10.6  13.6  16.5
Size(mm)  Length  9880  17880  23800  34880
 Width  2250  
Height  1735  

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