liquid soap filling machine

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Product Description

liquid soap filling machine mainly for liquid soap packing from 10-100ml and 100-1000ml
contact part SS 316,without dropping

liquid soap filling machine




Suitable for material: exposurer, sc, cream class contour viscosity materials.


 Accurate measurement: adopt servo control system, ensure the piston can always reaches constant position



2. Variable speed filling: in filling process, when close to target filling capacity can be applied to realize speed slow filling, prevent the liquid spill bottle mouth cause pollution  



3. Convenient adjustment: replacement filling specifications only in touch screen can be changed in parameters, and all filling first change in position, fine-tuning dose it in touch screen adjustment



Adopt servo motor to descend



5. Selecting the international famous brand electrical components configuration. Mitsubishi Japan PLC computer, omron photoelectric, Taiwan is produced touch screen, ensure the quality of its outstanding with long-term performance.


A.        main parameters

1.   Applicable bottle size 40-100mm

2.   The measurement precision ±1%(200ml),±0.5%(200-1000ml)

3.   Filling capacity 1000ml

4.   Production capacity 1000-2000BPH

5.   Air pressure 0.6-0.8

6.   Gas consumption 220

7.   power 3 phases ~380V,50HZ

8.   total rate 4.5KW

9.   weight 1820

10.  size 2400X1500X2500mm


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