Automatic Liquid Filling Machine(For big and strange bottle)

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Product Description

Automatic big volume bottle filling machine with linear body.
Touch screen control
Bottle shape anomalous


Brief introduction of the product

Brief introduction of the product
The machine especially suits for the filling of the large volume bottle-shaped vessel of 1000-5000ml. It may suits for the automatic dividing filling of the different bottle shape and the different fluid, just as lubricating oil, detergent, disinfectant, vegetable oil, spirit, pesticide and chemical reagent. (1. Technological parameters
1.1 Fill volume     1000-1500ml
   1.2 Measurement precision   ±0.5%
   1.3 Filling speed    20bottles/minute
   1.4 Working air pressure   5-7kg/cm²
   1.5 Contour Sizes    2400×900×1900mm

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